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No matter how hard we work to impose some kind of order on our world and our experience, sometimes there's still a lot of random left over. While random isn't necessarily the way to run a business or a household, random does have its uses. Many contests rely on picking a name out of a hat—a kind of random. Passwords that are random are much more secure than the time-honored password scheme of using a pet's name or an anniversary date.

Random Number List Generator is a tool that can take the power of random and put it to work for you. Just tell it how many numbers you need and how long you would like them each to be and press the button. It returns a list of random numbers that you can copy and paste for whatever use you've got in mind. Along with digits, you can also add prefix and suffix strings that include non-numeric characters as well. Use it to generate a random password and you can sleep easy at night, knowing it's going to take the bad guys a long, long time to hack their way into your account.

Random Number List Generator is a Windows application. It should run on any flavor of Windows from Win95 on up.

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2 Responses to “Generate random numbers”

  1. Ryan McDuff says:

    Loads its home page in default browser after exiting program. I find that unnecessary behavior unacceptable. There are many other ways to generate random passwords without such objectionable behavior.

  2. Rich says:

    How do you use it ? I installed it in XP and it didn’t make any shortcuts ? Using it from the program files/list generator/list generator folders (redundant folder) and found that it is limited to 18 numbers. I wanted a program that would give me random number that I could set the high and low criteria and get X amount from that. This doesn’t do that.

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