Monitor free disk space in System Tray

runs on Windows
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How much space is left on that hard drive? The last thing you want to have happen as you're downloading some big file or building the next version of your killer app is to be unceremoniously told that you are out of disk space, thank you very much. Sure, you can keep track of how much room you've got left, but that means opening a window or three and digging through stuff to see just what's available to you.

Tray Disk Free is a tool that lets you know at all times just how much disk space you've got free on your system. It sits there in the System Tray keeping an eye on things, so you won't have an "oops" moment when you try to cram a gigabyte of data into a megabyte of space. It displays free space both numerically and with a little bar graph, so you can see at a glance whether you've got a lot of space or just a little. Now you'll know when it's time to do a little tidying up, or maybe go ahead and spring for that bigger hard drive you've been eyeing.

Tray Disk Free is a free download for Windows.

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