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Keeping track of all the little bits and pieces of info you come across during the course of the day can be a job in itself. Thoughts, reminders, URLs, and all that stuff can fill a legal pad or notebook in no time. And then if you've got all this good stuff squirreled away at work, how do you access it at home? Now you're in trouble.

Catch is a service that can help you deal with that information overload. It's easy to get your stuff into their system—use a web form, upload an image, even send an email, and it's all included in your account. Sort by date, subject, or keyword, and it supports Twitter-like hashtags, so you can filter by keywords as well. Access to Catch is easy via the Web or from your mobile device. Record your ideas once and they're available to you where ever you are.

A free service, all you need to use Catch is a web browser. And there are add-ons for Chrome and Firefox, as well as an accelerator for IE, making it even easier to keep track of your notes.

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  1. Joe Kerrigan says:

    This is the free version of an otherwise paid for version ($5/month) It is limited to 70 Mb per month. Program is not downloaded so you have to open it as a web page. In effect you are pasting text, images, sounds etc to a web page and the material can be viewed or exported as required. There are many programs like this around and this does not seem any better than others I have seen.

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