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Backing up your machine is an important thing to do, and really shouldn't be avoided. Unless it's too much trouble. Or too complicated. Or any of several other often-used reasons. And they're all good, until your system chokes and you need that backup. At that point, most of the excuses aren't worth so much to you—certainly not worth as much as having your data back.

Bvckup may be the solution you're looking for. It's got a small footprint, is easy to set up, and keeps an eye on things. It only backs up files that have changed since the last check, so you aren't creating huge archives containing mostly redundant data. It's smart enough to grab not only the files it encounters, but also the various timestamps, attributes, and ownership information necessary to keep your NTFS file system humming along if you should ever need to restore from your backups. After all, that's the real test: what good is the backup that you can't use to make your system right again?

You can grab a copy of Bvckup for free. It runs on systems under Windows XP and later.

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2 Responses to “Backup with Bvckup”

  1. Canuckus Duduckus says:

    This is only free during beta testing. No price is listed for the released product so, if you choose to use it, be sure you’re happy with the version you get — ’cause you may not get another upgrade.

  2. Bvckup will stay in beta perpetually and I have no plans for ever charging for it. Instead the version 2 which is in the work will be a paid app.