Control access to your computer with a USB drive

runs on Windows
screenshot of Predator

If you wanted everything you do on your computer to be public, I suppose you could set up shop in Times Square. You don't have to be involved in anything nefarious to want to keep your business away from others; maybe it's something as simple as that business proposal you've been working on, or that email from mom (you never call!).

Predator is a tool that can help you keep your business to yourself. Basically, it uses a standard run-of-the-mill USB thumb drive as an access device: once it's set up and running, if you remove the thumb drive, you lock your system. Now instead of having to go through the process of closing your Windows session or waiting for that password-enabled screensaver to kick in, your keyboard will be disabled and your screen will go blank by pulling that drive. Getting back on the air is just as simple: stick the drive back in and you're good to go.

Predator is a free download, but you will need to shell out a few bucks for a USB drive, unless you've got somebody's swag drive with their name plastered all over it in your desk drawer or kicking around at the bottom of your laptop bag.

Download Predator

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