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If you decide that you need to build your brand, probably the first requirement is that you have a brand to build. You may come up with the most clever domain name in the world, but if that name's already taken on Twitter, Facebook, and a bunch of others, you're already fighting an uphill battle. It would be handy to be able to check out the lay of the land before you start, stop, and try again to become a contender. is a service that can give you a hand with this job. Pick a user name you'd like to be known by, plug it into their form, and they'll take a look and see if it's already been taken on any of over eighty blogging and social networking sites. It only takes a few seconds to run a query, so you shouldn't have to spend all day figuring out just the right handle to get your message out there. is a free service. All you'll need to access it is any old web browser.


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