Uninstall Windows apps via right click menu

runs on Windows
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All good things must come to an end. And sometimes the less-than-good things have to go as well. Like that application you installed on your Windows machine. Maybe it doesn't do quite what you thought it would, or maybe you found something better. Usually it's relatively easy to uninstall an app, but that doesn't mean it's tons of fun. Open up the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel, find your app, and send it packing. There are those programs, however, that don't play as nice and drop their uninstaller in the application directory instead. Don't you suppose there might be an easier way to handle this?

Menu Uninstaller is a tool that makes it easier to get rid of programs you don't want hanging around your system any more. Instead of having to navigate through multiple layers of directory structure, with this app installed all you need to do is to right click on your application's icon. You will see an Uninstall option in the context menu that lets you uninstall the app from right there. It'll dig through the mess to find the right uninstaller stuff, confirm that it's removing the right application, and then get rid of it for you.

Menu Uninstaller is a free Windows application. It is compatible with systems running WinXP and later.

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