Make your Windows machine bend to your will

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Lots of products work pretty well straight out of the box. When you get a new toaster or shower head, you pretty much get what you get, and you know how to use it without messing with it. Your computer probably worked pretty well straight out of the box as well. But that computer is orders of magnitude more complex than that kitchen appliance, and there are ways it can be tweaked to make it work better for you.

Fresh UI is a tool you can use to make your Windows system look and feel more the way you would like it to. It allows you to customize the interface, so that colors and locations work better for you. You can also optimize many system and hardware settings, making your machine run like not just a well-oiled machine, but like your well-oiled machine. Your toaster never had it so good.

Fresh UI is a Windows application. You should be able to use it to tweak your computer, whether it's an old timer running Windows 95, or some cutting edge brand new Windows 7 box.

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