See how your machine stacks up with HeavyLoad

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Maybe you just went out and spent a mint on a fancy new computer. Or perhaps you're trying to figure out whether your older system still has the horsepower to take care of business. Either way, the question remains: what can my machine do?

One way to answer this question is with HeavyLoad. This tool lets you put your machine through its paces, and it'll tell you how it did. It's designed to push your system to see what it's really capable of. It has routines to work your machine's CPU, memory, disk storage speed and space, video display, and even pushes Windows itself to see how your current configuration stacks up. Maybe you'll find you don't need to upgrade your system, or this might be just the excuse (or reason) you need to spring for that new computer.

HeavyLoad is a free download. It's a Windows application and should run just fine on systems using XP and later.

Download HeavyLoad

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  1. aisu says:

    some one explain to me how exactly this works coz it realy sounds like some good staff

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