DocFetcher is like Google for your hard drive

runs on Windows
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If you want to find something, computer-wise, you use a search engine. Google and all the others can help you find all kinds of interesting stuff out there on the Web. But what about on your machine? While web-based search engines index zillions of web pages, making it easy to find a particular file or page based on its content, that's not necessarily the case with searches on your local box. For that kind of an in-depth search, you may need a tool like DocFetcher.

DocFetcher indexes the content of documents and files on your local machine in much the same way that the search engines index the content of web pages. Once that index has been complied, it's a fairly trivial matter to find just about anything on your computer based on the contents of the file. Need to find an important report or document but can't remember its name or location? Search for it based on important keywords you know are included in the text of that document—maybe the client's name, for example.

A free download, DocFetcher is available for both Linux and Windows.

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2 Responses to “DocFetcher is like Google for your hard drive”

  1. PatrickB says:

    1) Windows Live Search
    2) Google Desktop search

  2. Paul Rutherford says:

    3) Copernic Desktop Search

    IMHO, unless DocFetcher can index stuff the established packages cannot there is really little point to it. Looking at DocFetcher’s homepage I am unclear as to what it will index – so it is a potential timewaster – and I won’t download it.

    What about speed versus the competition? And does it index span disks (I have C through G drives)?