Tweak your system’s startup with Oolauncher

runs on Windows
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Every time you start Windows, it starts up a bunch of programs for you. While some of those are necessary for your computer to function, you have no doubt added several of your own favorites to that startup routine. Maybe you like to have your email client open when you start, or perhaps there are remote network volumes that need to be mounted. While you don't have tons of control over when and how these apps are started, you might be able to speed things up if you were able to order these items and tell your system in which order you'd like to have them run.

Oolauncher is a tool that gives you more control over the apps that run at startup. It goes out and scours the System Registry and other locations for those on-start apps and lets you decide how to run them. Put things in the order that makes more sense to you, as well as assigning priorities to various apps. You can tweak window styles so that your applications will come up minimized, maximized, or even hidden.

A free download, Oolauncher is a Windows application.

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