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runs on Windows
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If you're super busy, you probably have some high-powered scheduling tool you use to keep track of your life. If your requirements are a bit less than that, maybe you don't want to have to deal with all the complexities of a big tool like, that. For you, a simpler solution like Xcalday may be more to your liking.

At its heart, Xcalday is a little calendar application. You can look at your world a month at a time, with the usual forward- and backwards buttons to walk you through the year. Once you get to the month you want to deal with, click on a particular day in the calendar, and you can add a note for that day. It saves your note and makes that day bold in the calendar, so you can see at a glance that you've added a note there.

Xcalday is a free Windows application.

Download Xcalday

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  1. LadM says:

    No bells and whistles or alarms, but VERY useful.

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