Run Terminal apps on multiple machines simultaneously

runs on Mac
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There's a certain satisfaction you can gain from doing a complicated job well. That satisfaction can turn into something else, however, you have to do that complicated job several times in rapid succession. Setting up a new workstation or fiddling with existing settings may be interesting the first time, but if you have to do it a dozen times in a row, it can lose its charm.

csshX is a tool that lets you run Terminal applications on several machines at once. With this app running, you log into the machines you want to work with, and each new system gets its own little window. Once you're logged into all those machines, you start entering commands into your system's master window, and those commands are automatically run in all those slave windows. Now instead of having to run each of those commands—or sets of commands—individually on each box, you just need to do things once and see them carried out on all those other systems.

A free download, csshX is a Mac application. The current release is compatible with systems running OS X 10.5 and later, but they do still have an older release for systems still running Tiger (10.4).

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