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runs on Windows
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Whether you're wandering through the local mall or hiking through the great outdoors, it's always helpful to be able to find the big map laid out for you with the "you are here" designator prominently displayed. Whether you're heading toward the food court or trying to make that campsite by sundown, knowing where you are helps you understand everything in context. While your computer doesn't display a big map, it does have the "you are here" designator: your mouse cursor.

In Windows there are several different cursor designs that work out of the box. While those will get the job done, you might enjoy something a bit more interesting from time to time. Maybe you're using your laptop in a very bright area and need a cursor that's larger or brightly colored to make it stand out. Or maybe it's the holidays, and you'd like to add something a bit more festive to your system.

Joe's Cursors offers a bunch of different cursors you can use. Pick from animated cursors, 3-D cursors, holiday-themed cursors (we particularly like the waving Santa), and more. They're easy to install and fun to use, and they're all free for non-commercial use. Go nuts and grab a couple of sets to really jazz up your system.

Download Joe's Cursors

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