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Seems like every day there's something new out there. Take archive files for example: back in the day there were ZIPs and TARs, and even the odd SIT. But now you look around and find something with a RAR extension on it. So what are you going to do with this thing?

RarMonkey is here to help you out. This application is designed specifically to extract the goodies bundled up inside a RAR archive—in fact, it doesn't even allow you the option of creating new ones. But it does integrate into Windows Explorer, so a double click on that file will automatically start the extraction process. You tell it where to extract the files from your archive, and if you're dealing with several of them at a time, it can even create appropriate subfolders to keep track of all those files. Password protected archives are no problem, and you can even direct it to use the same password on multiple archives if you have a bunch of them from the same place.

RarMonkey is a free download. It's a Windows application.

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