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runs on Windows
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Building a website in PHP can be a big challenge, but when it's complete, it feels like it was worth the work. While writing your code in a generic text editor is a perfectly acceptable way to get things done, there are specialized tools that may help you finish the job easier and quicker.

CodeLobster PHP Edition is an integrated development environment (IDE) tool you can use to build a website or otherwise write and test your PHP and related code. It features syntax highlighting, so it's easy to recognize keywords and functions in your code. Its autocomplete feature helps you with your HTML and CSS syntax. Code collapsing gives you a hand in concentrating on the task at hand, instead of getting bogged down by a page of code that's not relevant to the task you're currently working on. Pair highlighting helps you find those missing parenthesis and brackets that can take a page of code that almost works and turn it into a disaster where nothing works. The built-in debugger helps you find problems in your coding before your pages go live.

You can download a copy of CodeLobster PHP Edition for free. It's a Windows app and will run on any system from WinMe/Win NT up through Windows 7.

Download CodeLobster PHP Edition

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