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Almost everybody loves dot-to-dot puzzles. It's always fun to be faced with a page full of nothing but dots, and then to see it turn into something interesting as you draw the lines to connect those dots. We've looked at sites in the past that offer downloadable dot-to-dot activities, but here's one that lets you build your own.

Picturedots is a service that lets you create your own dot-to-dot puzzles based on your own pictures or other artwork. Just pick an image available online—if you have a photo on your local machine that you want to use, you'll need to upload it to Flickr or some similar service—and start drawing. You just click around the outline of your picture and this tool automatically places the dots and numbers them sequentially, so that by the time you're done clicking around the edges in your photo or drawing, you'll have a dot-to-dot that you can download, or even share with other users. It's pretty easy to use, but they've got an online tutorial just in case. So instead of doing a dot-to-dot of a cute little dog, you can do a dot-to-dot of your cute little dog.

Picturedots is a free service. All you need to use it is a web browser (and maybe a cute dog).

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