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While you may use different applications at different times, there are a handful of go-to apps that you use all the time. Finding those can be a pain in the neck if you're having to dig through layers and layers of folders or squinting at icons on the Dock. It might be handy to have an easier way to start up the important tools.

CornerClick tuns the corners of your display into great big buttons that you can use to launch applications. While there is built-in functionality in OS X that lets you use screen corners to launch your screensaver, for example, there is a very limited list of things you can do here. With CornerClick, if you assign the upper-left corner of your monitor to your go-to screen capture tool, you'll never have to dig around for an icon to click—and no matter how cluttered your desktop gets, you can always find the corner of the display. Open apps, close apps, go to a particular URL in your default browser—go nuts!

CornerClick is a free download for your Mac. In its current iteration, it runs under Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6), but they're still got the Leopard (10.5) version available as well.

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