A timer with a difference

runs on Windows
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There's always something you need a timer for. Whether you're making tea or need to swap out the laundry, if you don't set a timer, either you're going to let the tea steep too long, or you're going to forget about that pile of wet clothes that need to be moved into the dryer. You can grab one of those crank-up kitchen timers for a couple bucks at Food 'n' Stuff, or you can check out this cool timer app.

VisiTimer is a timer like all other timers, in that it lets you know when a particular interval of time has passed. Its appearance, however, is anything but usual. Instead of digits counting down the minutes, or even a big clock dial spinning around, it shows the time passing by sweeping an an image across its face. The more time passes, the more the background shows—think of it as wiping condensation off a window to gradually reveal what's behind it. You can choose from their library of images, or add your own. Or if you prefer, use no image at all and just have a circle colored in for you. No matter which way you go, the bottom line is this: no more burned cookies.

VisiTimer is a free download. It runs under Windows.

Download VisiTimer

4 Responses to “A timer with a difference”

  1. Ushindi says:

    Be very, very careful. First it insisted I also download MS .net framework 4, then, after getting the timer, I started getting bombarded with Internet Explorer, the Bing Toolbar, etc. Needless to say, I deleted the timer along with the all the little tagalongs. No wonder it’s a “free” download.

  2. Joeann says:

    I too loaded the free tool – and started getting flash ads…ugh! I deleted.

  3. Mewz says:

    I was drawn in by the cute graphic but so very glad I read the comments first.

    Thank you for all the warnings. That saved me alot of headaches.

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