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Nothing explains like a diagram. While you can detail a complicated process or relationship in words, sometimes just drawing that flow chart or putting that org chart down on paper can make everything all clear. Back in the day, creating a diagram like one of these required that you grab a pad of graph paper and a plastic flow chart diagram template. Things have come quite a way since then (no more quill pen and green eye shade), so maybe it's time to modernize your process.

Graphity is a free service that makes it easy to draw whatever diagram you need to explain it all for you. Most of the shapes you're likely to need are already included in palettes along the left edge of the screen. Choose a category and drag the shape you want into the main drawing space. It's easy to connect shapes by simply dragging your mouse from one spot to the next. Add labels and you're good to go. Save your handiwork in Graphity's default GraphML format (similar to XML), which allows you to go back and edit your diagram, or export to a PNG to include in your document, blog, or web site.

You don't need anything fancy to use Graphity, just a web browser running a recent version of Flash. You don't need to sign up, and since files are saved to your local machine, you don't have to worry about giving away any secrets.

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