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runs on Windows
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You've got stuff stored all over your hard drive. But just how much is there, and where is it all located? That's not so easy to answer. But just because you don't know doesn't mean you can't know.

Folder Size is a tool that can help you figure out exactly how much data you've got squirreled away. Just point it at a folder or an entire drive and it will scan the target and let you know what it finds. Get your info as text, or for a different look, try a bar chart of a pie chart. It reports not only how big your folder is in terms of bytes of file size, but also gives you the number of files in there, and even percentages (does this folder contain 5% of your space? 50%?). It's smart enough to work with all kinds of media, including USB drives, optical drives, and more, as well as your hard drive. And scans are easy, since Folder Size inserts itself into Windows Explorer's context menu, which means right-clicking on a folder will start the process for you.

You can grab a copy of Folder Size for free. It's a Windows application and runs under Win98 and later.

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