Free watermarking software for your digital images

runs on Mac
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It's nice to share. A lot of what goes on online is built on the notion that you're going to be sharing something. That's fine, until you find yourself in a position where that thing you're sharing is something you'd rather collect a few bucks for. Like an electronic image.

If you're in the business of selling images, or even of just making images available for your visitors and customers to look at, you probably want to make sure that everybody knows where those electronic pictures came from. Sticking a watermark on your images reminds everybody of their origin, so that then can come running back to buy the non-watermarked version from you, or at least to learn more about you from that watermarked sample you made available.

Star Watermark is a tool that lets you put watermarks on your digital images. Select your image and then add the particulars for your watermark. Type the word or phrase you want to use, pick the font and size, and then add whatever decoration you like, including color, shadow, and transparency. Save your watermarked image and you won't have to worry that folks are going to use your image in ways you didn't intend.

Star Watermark is an application for your Mac. It runs under OS X 10.6 and requires an Intel processor.

Download Star Watermark

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