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There's data, and then there's data about data. Your web page contains data: the text, images, links, and all that on the page are the stuff that people look at when they visit your site. The source files for the pages on your site also usually contain data about data, in this case called meta data. You've seen those tags in the page headers: description, keywords, that kind of thing. These guys aren't the actual data of your pages, they are additional chunks of information that talk about your data. This kind of data-about-data is used in other contexts as well, like in the media files you deal with every day.

When you fire up iTunes or some other player and see things like performer, album name, and all that, this information comes from tags that are embedded in your media files. These tags can be edited and customized if you have the right tool. Maybe TigoTago is the right tool for you.

TigoTago is a spreadsheet-based tag editor for media files like MP3 and WAV audio files, AVI and WMV video files, and more. Grab the files you want to tweak and open them up with TigoTago. You can edit any of the fields, either one-at-a-time for individual files, or as a group for multiple file operations, like adding an album name or performer name to a whole bunch of files all at once. You get to see that your changes will look like before you commit them—after all, you don't want to have to go back and fix a typo after you've just updated dozens of files.

A free download, TigoTago is a Windows application. It should run under all versions of Windows from Win9x on up.

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