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While digital photos and other images are handy for posting to blogs and including in web sites and are pretty easy to work with, they can also tend to get rather large. That means that you're investing a lot of storage space to keep these guys on your system or your server, and that your visitors are going to use a fair amount of bandwidth in loading those images each time they visit your pages or download your images to their local drive. Well, it turns out that often those pictures have more data in them than is really necessary. Trimming that excess is the job of applications like Caesium.

Caesium is a tool that can reduce the size of your pictures by upwards of 90%. That can mean a big savings in terms of storage space, and can help your web pages to load much faster. Compress your images individually, or process them in batches, whichever is more convenient for you. You can set the compression individually for different images, and you've always got the option of previewing your pictures before you commit your changes.

It's easy to take Caesium out for a drive: it's a free download. It's a Windows application, although they do say a Linux version may be available in the near future, and a Mac port is a possibly further down the road.

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  1. Raguveeradayal says:

    Yes. caesium is really very helpful. i am using it for the past one month. Even when reduced to 90% a viewer on the net do not notice a difference from the original

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