Match on-screen colors with Color Seizer

runs on Windows
screenshot of Color Seizer

What is that color? You're building a logo or otherwise fiddling with an image file, and you need to match a color. Yes, maybe you could download that web page, open the image file in your paint program, and then figure out what the color is, but that entails a lot of extra steps, and if that image was in the background or otherwise hidden away in CSS land, you've got nothing to show for your work anyway.

Color Seizer is a tool that can help you figure what that color is you're looking at on your screen. Just fire it up, drag the little pointing finger icon over the color on your screen that you're interested in, and it will let you know what that color is in any of half a dozen different formats, including HTML hex values for pasting into your web page, decimal RGB values, those funny little Visual Basic codes, and more. No more guesswork, no more download folder littered with grabbed images that you really don't need any more.

Color Seizer is free download. It runs under Windows.

Download Color Seizer

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