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runs on Mac
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We think it's pretty much agreed: the system clipboard is one of the greatest things since sliced bread. The ability to copy and paste text from one application to the next, or even within a document, is a real time saver. So what else might you do with the clipboard, if only you were able?

ClipCloud has an answer for that question. Once the client app is installed on your system, when you grab stuff for your clipboard, it's actually being stored in the cloud. That means, among other things, that text you grab on one machine is now available to you on another machine—an instant shared clipboard. It keeps track of the last 40 things you saved to the clipboard. You can go back and re-use your snippets of text from earlier by browsing through a list, or by using its search functionality. Copy text from Machine A to Machine B at work. Or save something at work and then grab it when you get home. What's better than better than sliced bread?

ClipCloud is available for free. It's a Mac application, although for the adventurous among Windows and Linux users there is an API available for you to roll your own application.

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  1. dobes says:

    What about security?

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