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runs on Mac
screenshot of GrandPerspective

How much disk space do you have left on your hard drive? You can run directory listings and you can look around with Finder, but if you're looking at more than a few files, those numbers representing file and folder sizes don't really have any meaning. This is a situation where the picture may be worth a thousand words.

GrandPerspective is a tool that graphically shows you the disk space that your applications, documents, and media files take up. Rather than long strings of numbers, it used colored rectangles, which are sized proportionally to show you the relative sizes of your files. Now it's easy to see that that movie file you downloaded is taking up much more space on your system than it really deserves. Go ahead and get rid of it, or archive it in some other location, and now you've put off having to get a bigger hard drive for at least a couple of months.

GrandPerspective is a Mac application. It runs under OS X version 10.3 and later, on both Intel and PowerPC machines.

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