Show and hide your Windows Taskbar

runs on Windows
screenshot of TaskBar Hider

No matter how big your display is, it never seems like there's quite enough room. Whether it's making your windows a bit bigger, or squeezing yet another application onto the desktop, space seems to always be at a premium. Maybe you can grab a little extra room with the aptly named TaskBar Hider.

This tool has a single purpose in life: to let help you hide the Windows Taskbar. Fire it up, hit the hotkey (default is [Win] + X) and you will toggle the Taskbar's visibility—if it's on, you can make it go away, and vice versa. Set it up to run automatically on startup and it will always be available to you. Or, since it has a command line interface also, it's fully scriptable in batch files or other scripts, allowing you to toggle its appearance automatically.

TaskBar Hider is a free download. It's a Windows application.

Download TaskBar Hider

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