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We're exposed to all kinds of different data and information in the course of our daily lives. The time we spend planted in front of the computer is certainly no exception to this. Trying to make sense of it all—taking a bunch of individual little bits and pieces of information and organizing it—can take up a lot of your time. Hierarchical structures, like the folders on your hard drive, are one way to handle this. Stick your photos in the Photos folder, stick your reports in the Reports folder. But what happens when you have a report and a photo that you want to associate with a particular client? Now you have to decide whether to stick those in in the Photos and Reports folders, or put both of them into the Acme folder.

Elyse is a tool that you can use to help organize your world. Rather than your needing to sort your files into arbitrary categories, it lets you assign tags to your files. Once you've done that, it doesn't really matter where you physically put those files, because you'll always be able to retrieve them via their tags instead. Got something that's both a photo and pertaining to Acme? A pair of tags applied, now you can find that file either way. As you get more used to working with tags, you can refine your organization structure and tweak your tags, making it even easier to find your stuff.

A free download, Elyse is available for both Mac and Windows machines.

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