Tool raises alerts, shuts down machine based on system events

runs on Windows
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Computers can do all sorts of things. Whether you're typing a report, crunching a bunch of numbers, listening to music, or doing any of dozens of other things, your machine can handle it all. With these types of tasks, you are interacting directly with your computer, but of course, there are other things it can handle without your direct input: downloading files, printing documents, compiling the next killer app. So how'd you like to make that smart machine even smarter?

KillBox is an application that keeps an eye on what's happening on your system, and when everything is just right, it'll do something you might have done in the past, but without your having been there. Like putting your system to sleep, or shutting it down when that big backup script is finished. You can choose from all sorts of different triggers, such as the time of day, elapsed time from some arbitrary starting point, or even the beginning or end of a particular process. Its responses can be anything from raising an alert to logging a user off, or to even reboot or shut down the system. Now you can shut the system down after it's done compiling that new program, or restart automatically after that big system upgrade is complete, and you don't have to even be there.

Killbox is a Windows application. It's a free download, although your settings are restricted to only the current session unless you throw them a couple bucks to register it.

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  1. MM says:

    Warning! This is “crippleware.” Certain very important features are disabled unless you pay a (small) fee to register the software.

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