Clipboard snippets trigger actions with Clipboard Rules

runs on Windows
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I think we can all agree: if the system clipboard isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread, it's certainly among the "top 10". Copy, paste, text, images, links—it does them all. Clipboard add-ons give you access to clipboard history, allowing you to, in effect, maintain several clipboards at once. So what else could possibly be added?

Clipboard Rules is an application that takes your clipboard to the next level. Now instead of serving as just a passive holding area for data, your clipboard can actually make things happen on your PC. With Clipboard Rules, you set up rules so that when a particular snippet of text is copied to the clipboard, an application or batch file will run, for example. Other rules can tell Windows Explorer to open a particular folder on your system, pop-up a message, or even append to or replace the text you just grabbed to the clipboard. Rules can be active, or you can pause them to temporarily disable them, or you can go ahead and delete them when you don't need them any more.

Clipboard Rules is a free download for your Windows machine.

Download Clipboard Rules

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  1. Peter Baker says:

    Try Yankee Clipper III (free version)

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