Extract files from multiple ZIP and RAR archives

runs on Windows
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Archive files are a handy way to organize and transmit data a chunk at a time. Rather than trying to keep track of a dozen or two documents or images, you just stuff them all into a ZIP or RAR file, and now you've got only one file to keep track of, instead of a whole pile of them. And in most cases, you're going to save space as well, since many of those archives are actually compressed, meaning that they take up less space than their constituent files did before. Dealing with a single archive is easy. But what about situations where you have multiple archive files? When it's time to extract the files from those ZIP and RAR files where they've been stored, you've got a lot of work to do.

ExtractNow is a tool you can use to help keep on top of your compressed archive files. Rather than grabbing those ZIP and RAR files one-at-a-time to extract their contents, this app lets you unzip a bunch of them all at once. Pick your files, press the magic button, and you've expanded those archives out to their full size, Now you can finish that report, publish those photos, or do whatever else you couldn't do because all those individual files were hidden away in several archive files.

A free download, Extract Now is a Windows application. It should work fine on any system running at least Windows 95 and Internet Explorer 5.5 or later.

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