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runs on Windows
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It's easy for you to see what's showing on your monitor, because you're sitting right in front of it. If you want somebody else to see what's there, you have to be very descriptive in telling them what you see, or you can just take a picture of it. Most of the time, that graphical representation of the display is going to win out.

PrtScr lets you do just what its name implies: do a printscreen. Unlike the standard Windows configuration, however, you can choose to grab the whole screen, the active window, as well as a region you choose, or even a freehand area on the screen. Unlike lots of screen capture tools, this one lets you include your mouse pointer in the picture, which can come in handy if you're using your image to show somebody what to do (click the button THERE, right next to the mouse cursor) with your image. You can even annotate your images by writing or drawing over the top of them with your mouse. And you have your choice of sticking your screenshot on the clipboard, or going directly to an image file, as a JPEG, BMP, or PNG.

PrtScr is a free download. It's a Windows app and runs under XP and Vista.

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