Multi-tabbed Windows File Manager

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Unless you're the most dyed-in-the-wool command line junkie, when you're using your Windows system, you're using a GUI to interact with it, and almost always that's going to be Windows Explorer. It's not always the best face that you could put on Windows, but it's there, so you might as well use it, right? But what if you decided to step beyond that?

Multi Commander is a multi-tabbed alternative to plain old Windows. Along with the standard copy-paste-move stuff, you can also perform more specialized tasks, like browsing inside of archive files, reading and writing MP3 tags on your music collection, and even a built in hex viewer that lets you see what's really inside those files, and all without having to fire up additional applications. It's designed to be unintrusive: it doesn't write anything back to the System Registry, so you can run it from a USB drive if you like. And you don't even need any special admin rights to install or use it.

Multi Commander is a Windows application. It should run on systems using WinXP and later.

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