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So you've just downloaded and installed the latest release of Frammitz 9000, the must-have app for people who do whatever it is that you do. Now Frammitz isn't too smart an app, and insists on hard-coding where it wants to keep its data. If you're cool with their choice, then you're golden. If, however, you need it someplace else, you may be out of luck. What you need is a way to make it look like that data is where it's supposed to be, when in reality it's living somewhere else. In the world of Unix-y things, this is the perfect spot for a symbolic link. But, alas, you're on Windows. What to do?

Symbolic Link Creator is a tool that brings this Unix-like functionality to your Redmond-powered machine. You move your data to where you want it—maybe a different directory, maybe a different drive; heck, maybe even a different network volume. You then create the link that points from the original location to the new location, and Frammitz 9000 is none the wiser. Turns out this functionality is already included in your install of Vista or Windows 7, but only as a console app; what Symbolic Link Creator does is put a nice, no-nonsense GUI on the front, to make it something that mere mortals can use easily.

You need to be running Vista or 7 to use Symbolic Link Creator, as well as version 3.5 of the .NET Framework as well.

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  1. TJ says:

    It’s actually available on Windows 2000 or higher using an NTFS filesystem. This free (console only) app will do it for you:

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