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So you've heard all about HTML5 and figure you probably ought to start looking into it. But of course you're running a business and don't have time to sit down with some zillion-page long manual to figure out the syntax and new tags and all the other stuff you'll need to make pages that actually take advantage of this new technology. Or maybe you can give Maqetta a try.

Maqetta is a free online tool for authoring HTML5 pages. As a WYSIWYG app, it makes it easy to drag and drop buttons, textboxes, and all other onscreen widgets around to place them just where you want without having to figure out the actual code to make the magic happen. Add headings and text and you're good to go. You can spend your time getting work done, instead of fighting with the syntax.

While the code generated by Maqetta should work fine for any browser that supports HTML5, in order to use it you need to be running a fairly recent browser (Firefox 4, Chrome 5, Safari 5 or later) for your page building adventures.

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