Split big files into small files

runs on Windows
screenshot of A.F.6

You've got a big file. You need to make it into a small file. Or many small files. You can't just get out the carving knife, but if you need to constrain the size of your files so that they fit onto a diskette (ask your parents), attach to an email, or make available for download, you're going to need to tool to make it happen. That tool might just be A.F.6.

A.F.6 takes big files and splits them into small files. There's nothing fancy going on—no changes made to the data, no proprietary file-sequencing number added—just chopping big files into small ones. And even though they do have a put-them-all-back-together tool you can use to reassemble your split files, all you really need to do is issue a simple DOS command from Windows "Run" command line window.

A.F.6 is a Windows app. It runs under Win9x, NT, and anything later.

Download A.F.6

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