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Everybody loves a shortcut. Why take the long way 'round if you know that sneaky back road that gets you to your destination in half the time? As is often the case, real world metaphors often apply to computer stuff as well. Specifically, we're talking about hotkeys here. Sure, if you want do something quickly—maybe grab a screenshot or pop up your note-taking tool—you can look for the application, start it up, dig through several menus, choose your action, and head off on your way. Or if your app is clever, it supports hotkeys, so that by your merely typing some pre-assigned combination of keystrokes, you make things happen. That's all good until you start to get a bunch of apps that each have their own set of hotkeys. So how do you keep track of them all?

Active Hotkeys is a tool that can show you all the active global keyboard shortcuts on your system at any given time. This may be helpful if you're trying to remember what that important keystroke combination was, or if you're creating and assigning some new hotkeys for another application and don't want to step on anybody's toes. Unfortunately, what this tool can't do is tell you which application will respond when you hit those magical keystrokes. Apparently because of the way the way in which Active Hotkeys operates, Windows doesn't expose that information to the app. Nevertheless, it's probably helpful to have at least this much info on those system-wide hotkeys.

ActiveHotkeys is a Windows application, and should run on any system under Win95 and later.

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