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runs on Windows
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If you've got a lot of data to deal with, your best bet is a great big database solution like MySQL or MS SQL Server or something like it. If you're dealing with something a bit smaller than that, or you're exchanging data between different systems, the CSV—Comma Separated Value—file seems to be the way to go. With these plain-text files, you can move data between systems without having to worry about incompatibilities. So now that you've got a pile of CSVs, can you tell what's going on? Like, for instance, do you have duplicate files? Sure, you could do a byte-by-byte comparison of a pair of files, but what if they both contain the same data, but in a different order? Those are not going to be seen as identical.

TableTextCompare is a tool that lets you compare comma-separated files, or files which use other delimiters like the [TAB] character instead. It will identify lines (rows) that occur only in one file or the other, as well as rows that exist in both files but contain different content. Use it for before- and after comparisons of spreadsheets, or to check for differences between pairs of data files.

TableTextCompare is a free download. It's a Windows application and runs under Windows 2000 and later, including 64-bit versions.

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