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We love puzzles. Whether it's a rainy afternoon or a long ride in the car, it's fun to work on and solve paper and pencil puzzles. One of our favorite formats is the word search puzzle. You get a block of seemingly random letters all jumbled together and your goal is to find the words hidden in among all the letters.

Free Word Search Puzzles offers dozens and dozens of puzzles that you can print out and solve. There are puzzles focusing on history, science, and religion, or just plain old fun. And once you've exhausted the possibilities there, they've also got a tool where you can build your own word search puzzles. Start with simple ones with the words laid out nicely in rows and columns; jump to medium difficulty puzzles where the words can also be backwards; go to hard puzzles where words are laid out on the diagonal; or even to difficult, where misspellings are included as well. Puzzles can range from a tiny 9 x 9 all the way up to a large 20 x 20 grid.

Free Word Search Puzzles, including your custom puzzles, are all available for free. All you need to use them are a web browser to download them, and a sharp eye to find all those hidden words.

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  1. Joan says:

    I really have to check the puzzle because I’ve found that the system is quite lacking.

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