Control iTunes with mute key and headphone jack

runs on Mac
screenshot of Breakaway

You know the drill: you're busily working away on some project with iTunes humming along in the background, minimized to the Dock. Somebody walks into your office / cubicle / broom closet and needs your attention, or the phone rings and you've got to pick up, or your coffee cup just hit empty and it's time for a refill. You don't want to miss the next cut on that album you're listening to, so you've got to pause iTunes. But that means you've got to find it, restore it, hit the pause button, and all that. Pretty complicated.

Breakaway is an app that makes it easier to break away without missing out on your tunes. Once it's up and running, just hit the mute button on your keyboard and you'll automatically pause iTunes. Or pull your headphones out of the jack and Breakaway will automatically pause iTunes. While it may be hard to find that iTunes icon, it's easy to find the keyboard or the other end of your headphone cord. Problem solved. Finish your conversation. Get that coffee. ABBA will be waiting for you when you get back.

Breakaway is a free download. It's a Mac application.

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