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It's just one little picture, and all you need to do is resize it. It's not worth firing-up Photoshop (or going out and buying Photoshop) to do this little job. But you can't exactly take out a pair of scissors to trim the edges off that PNG to make it fit better into your blog post. And if what you really need to do is scale it larger or smaller, there's no real-world analog for that task (wash it in really hot water?).

Pic Resize is an online service that lets you tweak your images easily and quickly. Browse through your filesystem to your image and choose it. You can do a quickie resize, or crop the image to fit. Rotate it for good measure if you like. You can even grab multiple images at a time if you're got a bunch of 'em to process. When you're all done, you can save your image as a GIF, JPG, PNG, or BMP and download it or save it to the web. And 20 minutes after your download it, they throw it all away, so you don't need to worry about your stuff just floating around out there in the Cloud.

Pic Resize is a free online service. All you need to use it is a web browser.

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