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With all the games, music, and video clips you deal with each day, it might seem that your computer is a toy. For many of us, though, this piece of high tech wizardry is really a tool, and you use tools to get work done. Some work—typing reports, setting up spreadsheets—has to be done hands-on. But there is some stuff that you can actually leave up to the machine to take care of business. Things like backing up data and compiling programs don't really require that you interact with the computer at all, with the possible exception of getting things started. For tasks like that, check out Task Till Dawn.

With Task Till Dawn you can let your machine do the deed. Choose an app and a time and you can automatically run a backup, download a podcast, defragment your hard drive, or just about anything else that doesn't require hands-on attention from you. Once your job has been run, it can notify you via Growl (on Mac) or in the System Tray (Windows).

A free download, Task Till Dawn is written in Java, so it should run just about anywhere. And to help you out, they've got a couple of pre-compiled versions for Mac (Intel only) and Windows, with the promise of a Linux version coming soon.

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