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Maybe you just came back from vacation, or perhaps you just went nuts online downloading photos. Or perhaps you're compiling a big report and have all the photos and other images you have to make your case for why you should land that new contract. Whatever the reason, you find yourself with a whole bunch of images you need to sort through and make sense of. You could open them up one at a time in Photoshop. Or you could beat your head against the wall. Either way will be just as productive.

NexusImage is an image previewer that can help you see what you've really got in all those pictures. Fire it up and you get a screen with a line of thumbnail images down the side. Choose a picture to look at more closely and it pops up in a "lightbox", that float-above-the-page style that you've seen all over on websites. Along with previewing the images themselves, you can look at the Exif info for behind-the-scenes information on your photos. And to help you remember the subject and context for your images, you can also add captions to your pictures.

NexusImage is a free download. It's a Windows app and runs under XP / Vista / 7.

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