Turn your screensaver into wallpaper

runs on Mac
screenshot of PaperScreen

So how do you like that fancy screensaver? You spent a fair amount of time and trouble finding just the right one. But while it's nice to look at, you don't get to spend much time with it, since the very nature of a screensaver is such that it does most of its work while you're not sitting there watching. Do you need to spend more time in front of your monitor not getting anything done just so you can enjoy the view?

Paper Screen is an application that takes your screensaver and uses it as your desktop wallpaper. Now instead of never getting to see all those swooping, swirling colors, you'll see them all the time, because they'll be right there behind the rest of what you're doing. The only problem now will be concentrating on your work instead of just looking at the pretty colors.

PaperScreen is a Mac application. It should run under OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later.

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