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Sharing files and 'round-the-world collaboration is just a fact of life. You may have noticed a huge proliferation of file storing and sharing sites, places where you can stick your backups, save your vacation photos, or push work files out to your colleagues. Many of them give you access via the web. Others, like Dropbox, also supply a desktop app, essentially letting you merge your storage world with the filesystem on your computer. Unfortunately, at least in the case of Dropbox, a free account offers at most a couple of GB of free storage.

Cloud Experience is a file sharing service that gives you access via the web and through desktop applications, but a big difference here is that they also give you 10 GB of storage for free. That's a lot of storage no matter how you slice it. Sync your files between machines, store backups offsite, share files with co-workers, and get at them from anywhere. In fact, along with both Mac (OS X 10.5+) and Windows (XP and greater) clients, they've also got apps that let you access your storage space via your iPhone, Blackberry, and Android device, as well as a web interface for none-of-the-above. When you specify particular people to share files with, they also need to have a CX account (free, by the way) in order to check out those files; but if you want to make your file "world-readable", you get a URL you can email or stick in a blog post that allows anybody to grab your file.

Cloud Experience is free to use. They're looking at adding features down the road in a paid version.

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