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When you go on vacation, you take pictures to show folks where you've been and what you've seen. Not every trip you take, however, involves an RV and the Grand Canyon. Sometimes you stay much closer to home, like when you tool around on your computer every day. While not everything you see there is of particular note, sometimes you do want to take pictures and share them with others.

Cropper is a tool to grab screenshots. Whether you want to keep a souvenir of your visit to a web site, or you're documenting the UI for some new application, you can quickly and easily capture what you see on screen and save it to share with others. Once you click-and-drag to define the region you want to grab, it's easy to tweak and fine tune your selection with a keystroke or two, to move your selection, or expand or contract it. Once you've got things set just right, you can save your selection as BMP, PNG, or JPG, as well as saving it to the clipboard or even printing it directly out of Cropper. And if that's not enough, there are community-supported plugins as well, which can add to its usefulness and functionality.

Cropper is a Windows application.

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