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Sometimes it's nice to sit down with a newspaper. Other times you'd rather listen to the news on the radio. It's more-or-less the same content, but there are different circumstances where the written word or the spoken word is more useful to you. As a general rule, when it comes to computers, you're going to get more written than spoken. If you'd like to reverse that, check out DeskBot.

DeskBot is a tool that takes a lot of what you do with your computer and makes it available for you to listen to instead of reading. You can select text in any running application and have it read to you. Or if you've got text on the clipboard, you can listen to it instead of having to look at it. It can even announce the time of day if you'd like to be reminded of how your day is progressing. It automatically adds a choice to Internet Explorer's context menu that lets you right-click on a web page to have it read to you. You can run this app when you need it, or you can set it so that it starts automatically when you boot your machine, making it always ready and available to you.

A free download, DeskBot is a Windows application. It runs under Win98 / NT and later.

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