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If you've been around computers for any time at all, you're probably familiar with ZIP files. These archive files generally contain a collection of individual files—documents, images, applications, or whatever—all stirred together, and then compressed. They make it easy to move files around, because you've only got one file instead of dozens (or hundreds), and since they're compressed, they generally take up less space than in their original uncompressed form. That means you can pack more of them onto a CD at backup time, or you can upload them faster and easier to share with others. You may not be so familiar with other archive formats, like the TAR file.

TAR—Tape ARchive—files hearken back to the day when stuff was stored on magnetic tape instead of disk drives. When you had a bunch of files to store, you dumped them into a TAR file to keep them all together. Since there's no compression in TAR files, some clever engineer figured out a way to use GZip, a compression tool, in conjunction with TAR, resulting in files that variously carry a TAR or TAR.GZ (or even TGZ) extension. While these files are well-know in the Unix world, you may not be so familiar with them in the World According to Windows. If you get one of these files, you may be ill-prepared to open it up and extract all the digital goodness from it. That's where Decompress Tar comes in handy.

A free service, Decompress Tar lets you upload your TAR archive (compressed or not), and break it out into individual files for you to download. Or if you prefer, you can take those individual files and ZIP them into a more familiar format before you download them. Either way, you take that TAR file you weren't sure what to do with, and turn it into useful stuff. There is a 10 MB limit, so that everybody gets a chance. And your files are removed after 24 hours, so you don't have to worry about leaving your toys laying around.

All you need to be able to use Decompress Tar is a web browser and a funny-named archive file.

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