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Back in ancient times when typewriters roamed the earth, making changes to documents was a major undertaking. Your best bet if you needed to change "foo" to "bar" in a document was to re-type the page where the change needed to be made. Using correction fluid or erasers never really worked, and trying to line the text up after you had rolled the paper off the platen was next to impossible. And then there's the whole problem with trying to find all occurrences of your text in a document, whether it be a single page, or a multi-page tome.

TexFinderX is one response to this problem. Rather than being dependent on a particular application to do the find-and-replace for its own documents (e.g. Microsoft Word and a directory full of DOC files), with this app you can throw a whole directory at it and let it find—and replace—all instances of your target word or phrase. Piles of files with word processing documents, plain text files, and even source code for web pages and more are no problem.

You can download a copy of TexFinderX for free. It's available for both Mac (OS X) and Windows (XP and later).

Download TexFinderX

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